What is the difference between the UVclean sanitising machine and your competition?

If you are seeking a genuine mattress-sanitising service – then there is currently ONLY one (1) mattress-sanitising service you can safely use – the UVclean substantiated sanitisation process. All other unsubstantiated services can only offer a mere cleaning service – is that what you are really looking for – and, is that the ‘value for money’ you were expecting?

If you are paying hard earned money and you require a genuine mattress ‘sanitisation’ – then, that is exactly what you should expect. You deserve genuine value – not a bunch of excuses why a business’s sanitisation machine has not been substantiated – or, an array of potential invalid excuses as to why the sprays and liquids they use (and advertise as sanitisers) are not substantiated (some of these liquids which may in fact potentially be poisonous).

Your required sanitisation outcome is quite simple – if you want/need a genuine mattress-sanitation service then you must check with your service provider to ensure you get what you are paying for.

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