I use a mattress protector and topper – why would I need to sanitise my mattress?

We encourage the use of quality mattress protectors and toppers etc – coupled together with our safe mattress sanitising process, they combine to ensure the safest and most hygienic sleeping environment possible. Most people do not realise that dead skin, hair and other potentially dangerous nasty’s can pass through even waterproof and other types of mattress protectors. (Many thousands of sanitising services by our staff to the accommodation industry have proved this to be a genuine fact).

What Microorganisms are Deactivated by Germicidal Ultra Violet Light (GUVL)?

Organisms can be targeted by Germicidal UVL, but as you can see by the table below, organisms require varying levels of GUVL in order for them to be completely destroyed – this knowledge and understanding is vital in the development of any ‘substantiated’ sanitising process. **A small Germicidal UV Light at the end of a vacuum DOES NOT necessarily mean that it ‘sanitises’ and kills and removes germs (bacteria). Check with your provider and ask them to see their GUVL testing and certification. (If you are paying for a ‘sanitisation’, not a mere clean, then you deserve confirmation not just a nice smile and excuses)

The UVclean sanitising machine has been tested and substantiated by a NATA accredited testing facility as a genuine sanitising machine (99.9% sanitisiation – Log 3).

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