The UVclean sanitising machine was tested and substantiated and is currently the ONLY genuine ‘sanitising’ machine currently available in Australia.

  • Substantiated – minimum 99.9% bacteria (germ) and pathogen reduction (Log 3) = genuine sanitisation
  • Substantiated sanitisation process of a Queen Bed mattress – tested to compliantly complete sanitisation in at least 2 minutes and 24 seconds

Why not inquire with your current GUVL mattress sanitising service provider and ask if their machine or process is substantiated to perform a genuine sanitsation – or merely just clean? In fact, why not inquire with your hotel, motel or accommodation service provider next time you arrive for a well-earned break or a business trip and discover if you are truly a valued guest – is the mattress you are about to sleep on tonight, regularly sanitised? (a disturbing thought: – the mattress you are about to sleep on, has potentially had multiple and different persons sleeping on and in it most every night for many years!).